What we do

Gorilla Venture has long – one of the longest in Finland – experience in pre-seed/seed investing and advising early stage startups. We do: In investing We do ”angel size” investments in Finnish pre-seed/seed technology startupsContinue reading


Here you will find our compilation of blogs and startup presentations


 Gorilla Ventures is the most active seed stage investor for Finnish startups. We invest in 10-15 early stage Finnish startups every year.  Beyond just providing capital, we advise startups in ”high impact” situations, such as product/market fit, strategy,Continue reading


Contacting us The best way to contact us is through email. Our addresses are in the format firstname.lastname@gorillaventures.fi Mailing address Gorilla Ventures Oy Aleksanterinkatu 15B FI-00100 Helsinki Finland


Executive Partners Petri Lehmuskoski Partner, Founder Serial entrepreneur  since age of 18. Grown and taken companies from 0 eur to 120 MEur in multiple countries. Involved in numerous company transactions both as a seller, buyer andContinue reading